October 2, 2009


ನಗುವಾಗ ಬಂಧುಗಳು ..
ನಲಿವಾಗ ಸಂಬಂಧಗಳು ..
ಧರೆಯೆ ನಾಕವಂತೆ ..
ಭುವಿಯೇ ಸ್ವರ್ಗದಂತೆ .. :)
ಜೊತೆ ಇರಲು ನಾವು ಒಂದಾಗಿ ..
ಯಾರು ನಿಲ್ಲಬಲ್ಲರು ಎದುರಾಗಿ ? :) :)


Anonymous said...

yes.. family does mean that..

friends are family away from family i feel! :)

nice poem Suma! :)

Snow White said...

thanks a lot leo :)

Creativity!! said...

acchu mechida padhya :) :)

Snow White said...

thanks a lot sahana:):):) your comments mean to me lot dear and that to in my kannada blog i really need it..:) if something is wrong please comment..so that i can change :)